Torture in Police Custody

In the words of Sati Prasad:

“On the night of 18th September almost at 10 Pm I was lying on my cot. All of a sudden I heard police men banging at my door. I opened the door as they pushed me in and asked me to come with them for some conversation. “Bada Sahib kuch baat karne ke vaste Bulaiye hain” (officer wants to talk to you) . Then they took me to Waidhan Police station and I was made to sit at PARIVAR PARAMARSHA KENDRA. Every here and there police men started abusing me saying “Dekho yahi sala Neta banta hai” (this rascal is trying to be a leader) and started misbehaving with me.

At night almost at 1 Am, I was taken to Inspector chamber. SP was already present there. He pointed constable to close the door. Officer asked me to take off my clothes. When I asked why? He abused me. Then I took off my clothes and just in my undergarments I was interrogated. Officer asked me again- (Abuse) “what you would have done tomorrow at Sasan gate?” I replied- Sir I would have demanded in front of company. He said- Ok! We are company and the bench lying in front of you are men. Now say what is your demand? I said- “ I would have said the same what I have mentioned in the letter submitted to you people too”. Then he abused me and yelled saying now go on with your speech, pointing towards police constable as they started beating me. I shouted why you are beating me. Police officer angrily ordered to beat me with stick. Then they tied both of my hands and afterwards I was heavenly beaten.

Then later at about 3 AM in night they took me back to the same seat and made me sit for the whole night. In the morning they didn’t even allowed me to brush-up and almost at 3 PM in afternoon a challan has been made under the act 151 and 716.

Afterwards, I was chained and taken to SDM court where my father was waiting for me with his land Record book in hand. He showed it and got my bail. Ram Sarovar Vaishya (Advocate), Gauri Shankar Shukla (Advocate), Radhika Prasad Baishya (Sarpanch of Siddhi Khurdha) and my friends were also present on that that.

In the court, I was presented as accused by police. I feel humiliated and disgusted at that”.

 An Update

Yesterday on 24/09/2013 Security Officer B.L. Tiwari stopped Sati Prasad from entering in Sasan Plant. He said – “you are fired. Colonel Sahib and CEO Pathak sir has asked me to stop you from entering”.  Later on he was called by GAMON India admin In charge Mr. Vinod Mishra and Mr. Kunj Bihari to clear off his accounts. He was only paid Rs. 3,700 for 3 years work. Around Rs.46,000 has been deducted from his salary in the past years. His gate pass was also snatched.



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